Tracking Influence: Who Are the Top Online Political Influencers (And Does Clint Eastwood Really Matter?)


Today we are launching a two-month research project in which SocialxDesign has partnered with influence monitoring firm Traackr to produce a daily analysis of what the most influential and connected people are saying online during during the US presidential election.

You can find the all of the analysis on Giovanni’s Forbes blog, starting with “Who Are The Top Online Political Influencers (And Does Clint Eastwood Really Matter?)

“We’re rolling into Charlotte this weekend for the DNC, and we’ve got two big questions on our minds: who are nation’s top online political influencers, and did Clint actually spoil Romney’s big moment last night?

Sounds facetious, but we were surprised to learn that Mr. Eastwood’s now infamous “empty chair” video was still trending on Twitter this morning while Mssrs. Romney and Rubio were not. And with so much of the sentiment on Clint trending negative, it’s reasonable to ask about the impact. It just so happens that we were getting ready to launch a project this weekend to monitor and track the coverage of online influencers on political issues. As a test run for our research platform – provided by our friends at Traackr, a San Francisco-based influencer monitoring firm – we’ll start with a rather simple query: the attention that Romney got last night relative to Rubio and Clint, who took the stage earlier that evening.”

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