TIBCO: The Dark Horse of Enterprise Social Software?


It’s late in a race with a very large field.  But does this really matter?  A look at current market dynamics from Giovanni Rodriguez.

“I’m in Las Vegas this morning where TIBCO (Nasdaq:  TIBX) is unveiling the latest version of tibbr, its enterprise social networking platform.  I’m not a betting man, but I have a hunch the company has a shot at winning — or at least placing — in a race involving companies who have been competing far longer — Jive, Salesforce, and Microsoft/Yammer, to just name a few.

In any race for marketshare — or mindshare — in a new category, there are several things that matter.  Despite all the consolidation we’ve seen in the enterprise social networking market, it’s still early days.  For TIBCO, whose legacy is in the enterprise application integration market — software that enables computing systems to speak with one another — there may be an advantage arriving late to the party…”


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