SocialxDesign: The First Week


SocialxDesign (SxD to us) launched on Tuesday, August 14, and we’re closing out this first week with a bang – a few, actually. Check out a sample of what industry folks were saying this week, post-SxD launch:


“New firms open every day, but SocialxDesign is different:…In short, SxD exists to answer to the hottest question of the day: How can businesses and public entities use the social ecosystem to deliver a truly rewarding experience to the people who matter most: customers, employees and industry partners?”  - Patrick Coffee, PRNewser

“SocialxDesign is a smart move that reflects some of the changes in the PR industry, which has been changing rapidly because of social media and the disruption of the media industry…This is a big opportunity for firms like SocialxDesign and the timing is perfect.” - Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

“Two interesting developments happened in the social business space this week. It’s clear that that the space is evolving as the demand for social business services grows.” – Michael Brito, Britopian [Regarding the acquisition of Ants Eye View and the rollout of SxD]

“The firm’s D.C. offices will focus primarily on member-based, non-governmental organizations as well as local, state and federal campaigns. They have have about 10 clients so far, including continuing work with the White House and a State Department Middle East and North Africa project. They also have lined up in their roster a few start-up companies and a federal campaign, which Chaudhuri said he couldn’t disclose yet.”- Elahe Izadi, NationalJournal’s Influence Alley

“SocialxDesign boasts connections to Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab, which has used behavior design to assist Facebook and Instagram in optimizing their social technologies. Facebook collaborated with the lab when it shifted from college campuses to a wider adult audience, and now Chaudhuri and his partners plan to introduce the new marketing approach to the public and NGO sectors.” - Dave Nyczepir, Campaigns & Elections

“Chaudhuri and Rodriguez have been operating in stealth mode for about six weeks. While the company will continue serving the White House and plans to work with public affairs, government, and non-government organizations, it has also been working with three technology clients and talking to other potential commercial clients.”- Kate Kaye, ClickZ

Curious about the additional buzz from around the channels? Check out Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, PRWeek, Holmes Report and Bulldog Reporter.


Cheers to the first week and everything else the next ones will bring.


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