Obama’s Masterpiece Theater (The Stagecraft Behind the Second Presidential Debate)


Giovanni Rodriguez examines the theatrical nuance of last nights presidential debates. Did the candidates act the part?

“Stagecraft mattered quite a bit in the first debate.  But with a real stage in the second, Obama stole the show.

You may already know this:  about me:  before I became a marketer – sometime in the late 90’s – I was small professional theater producer.  As co-owner of a Berkeley-based theater company, I produced mostly one-man (or one-woman plays) and small ensemble pieces that played especially well in smaller, more intimate venues.   So it was with special attention that I watched last night’s drama unfold at the second presidential debate, which was held at a venue not unlike in size with the ones I best know.  But you don’t have to be a theater person to appreciate the stagecraft in last night’s debate…”

Check out the full post from Giovanni on his Forbes.com blog: “Obama’s Masterpiece Theater (The Stagecraft Behind the Second Presidential Debate)”