Obama’s Biggest Enemy: Democrats Who Remain Complacent


“The party with the Party was great last week, and there’s cause for celebration for Democrats.  But the bigger job today is to get out the vote.

A couple of months ago, as I was evaluating an opportunity I had to participate at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), I had a talk with a friend, a huge influencer in the social technology community.  I asked him if he would be interested in joining me in Charlotte.  He was in fact interested, but wondered how interesting the election would be.  His perspective:  “Obama’s got it all wrapped it, correct? Where’s the drama?”

My friend, by the way, is a Democrat. And he’s not the first Democrat with whom I have had this kind of a conversation.  For the most striking thing about the 2012 election so far — from where I sit — is the complacency among many Democrats who were passionately involved — and appropriately worried — about the vote in 2008…”


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