Introducing SocialxDesign


We’ve been hinting around for a few weeks now, so I’m thrilled we can finally talk more openly about the launch of Eastwick’s sister company—SocialxDesign (read as ”social by design”).  SocialxDesign is co-founded by former Eastwicker and longtime time FOE (Friend of Eastwick) Giovanni Rodriguez, Toby Chaudhuri, a well-respected and connected public policy consultant in Washington D.C. and myself.  I couldn’t be happier to be working with Gio again and have secretly been hatching this plan to get him back in the fold for years. (see his related post)

SocialxDesign (SxD) is a new, independent strategy consulting firm focused on helping businesses, government agencies and non-profits to reposition, re-launch, and remake themselves for the socially networked economy. With a strategic investment and ongoing collaboration with Eastwick, SocialxDesign is poised to fill a gap in the marketing mix for organizations looking for better ways to compete in markets that are increasingly disrupted by digital, social and mobile technologies.  We think there’s an opportunity to bridge a few disparate worlds in order to close that gap.  The worlds of Silicon Valley and Washington DC, the online and offline worlds and finally the worlds of social enterprise and communications.  (See the full release here if you’re interested in learning more.)

Giovanni brings extensive experience as an early leader in the social business consulting marketplace. Toby is a leading public affairs consultant in Washington DC.  Together, they bring a proven track record of bridging the online and offline worlds.  The supporting crew also consists of Ellen Leanse, Eastwick’s EVP and strategy director, who will lead the collaborative efforts between SocialxDesign and Eastwick and senior consulting fellows Margarita Quihuis, Mark Nelson, Nicolas Milagro Chapa from Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab.

Eastwick clients now have access to some of the smartest and experienced social strategy minds on the planet.  We’ve already been getting them acquainted with the new SocialxDesign consulting services and have a number of programs underway.

We’ve also been engaging with new clients and expanding our circles of work to include government agencies (including The White House) and non-profits.  We’re finding that Silicon Valley and Washington DC have a lot of synergies and much to learn from each other.  It’s been fun bringing them both together.

We look forward to telling you more about the work we’re doing in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, start to follow our progress in all the usual ways on SxD’s FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and the usual Eastwick channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and our blog.

And welcome to the adventure.

Barbara Bates, CEO, Eastwick