SxD + Intelatin + The Life & Music of Wil Dog of Ozomatli, Episode 1


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This is a special cloudcast produced in collaboration between Giovanni Rodriguez at SocialxDesign and Sergio C. Muñoz at Intelatin to dialogue on a concept called Design for Emotion. This is a concept for positive personal growth utilizing the patterns and principles of Good Event Design to engage people via emotion to act. Design for Emotion is intended to be a transformative experience for the individual who is searching for a way to change their established self.

Of the eleven patterns and principles, we touch on the first one today: It is called The Pull. And when we are finished with our dialogue, we will be joined by Wil Dog of Ozomatli for a special edition of Life & Music produced by Intelatin. Wil Dog will hip us to the first three songs that impacted his life as a child in MacArthur Park, Los Angeles. The songs are performed by Bruce Springsteen, The Clash and Gil Scott Heron. Included in this first episode is a transitional song performed by Ozomatli from their new album, Place in the Sun, the track is called Ready to Go!

This episode #1 of Life & Music marks the first of twelve episodes that we will collaborate with Wil Dog of Ozomatli on a monthly basis. On the coming episodes, Giovanni and Sergio will reconnect to dialogue on the next ten patterns and principles of Good Event Design.