3 Reasons Why Conventions Matter


While SxD was out in Charlotte for the DNC, the team was closely studying and appraising the inner workings – resulting in the affirmation that offline events are still key:

“There’s an old rule in management: if your company grows beyond 150 people, it’s time to open up a second building.  The rule finds support in a mathematical principle known as the Dunbar number, the maximum number with whom the average person can maintain meaningful social relationships. Because that number has been pegged between 10o and 200,  the 150 number has become synonymous with the rule. It’s beautiful for its simplicity. But if you’re in the collaboration-and- communication business, no doubt you understand that 150 is not really a peak number for a building.  A good building — like Facebook — can accommodate many people to build and manage their own networks (their own 150′s).  Sometimes in business, and always in politics, you need everyone to come together…”

Check out the full post from Giovanni on his Forbes.com blog: “Why Conventions Matter.”